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A family owned and operated business providing outstanding service to our clients
We believe in the power of outstanding customer service and it's ability to create extraordinary experiences.
Harbour Movers Team
We are Harbour Movers
Removals Services
Helping people makes us happy.
We are more than your moving team, we are here to create a unique moving experience for you and yours :)
Let us show you what a great moving experience looks like!


Harbour Movers | We will move you
Real people!!! That's exactly what you will find at Harbour Movers. People who actually care and are able to listen to your needs and help you plan accordingly. We understand everyone is different so are their needs and we are always here to listen to yours.


Fernando Harbour Movers
Fernando is the founder and the soul of Harbour Movers. He has a remarkable background in customer satisfaction and that's exactly what he is delivering to our team and our clients all over Sydney.
He is very passionate about his business and is driven by customers feedback. Customer relations are very important to Fernando and he is always looking for ways to improve and serve customers at the best of his ability.


She is the heart of Harbour Movers. Her passion and enthusiasm to help others goes a long way. With a huge background in customer service, she knows exactly how to provide an outstanding customer experience to our clients.
Carolina Harbour Movers
Carolina brings calmness to our every day situations and is always willing to support our Harbour Movers community. She keeps our team and our clients connected and synchronised to make sure everything runs smoothly before, during and after the moving.


Harbour Movers Team
Our guys are always bringing the good vibes and a -can do- attitude into your place or commercial space. Believe it or not, it's such a simple thing but it will make a huge difference on your moving day.
They know what they are doing and they also understand how important our customers are to us. They know what the extra mile means and they know exactly how to get there.

The guys also have the highest standards of customer service and are equally committed to give you the BEST moving experience.


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